September 2012

Time for Kids: Amazing Fact and Puzzle Book

They aren’t kidding when they call it amazing!

During our latest visit to Five Below (which has some cool finds, even if the music is horrendously annoying; we hear “Call Me Maybe” every time we go), I ran across a book that I had to purchase for my daughter. It was two bucks, and it’s called Time for Kids: The Amazing Face and Puzzle Book with More Than 200 Amazing Facts. Considering that I got it new and it’s going for $10 retail, I think I got a fairly decent bargain.

The book is only 80 pages, but don’t let that fool you. It is chock full of not just awesome and amazing facts about animals and the world—from sports to politics to music and everything in between—but also fun activities to do. They are slightly past my daughter’s age, which is fine; she can grow into them.

This book is like a current events primer, discussing everything from melting polar ice caps to President Obama. Various climates and places of the world are also included, which I love; my daughter absolutely loves the idea of travel, and though we haven’t been able to really take her anywhere far away just yet, we like to travel by book as often as we can.